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What is Reiki?

            What is Holistic Counselling?

                      What is a Guidance Reading?

                                        How long is an appointment? 


During this treatment, you will lay fully clothed and completely relaxed on the therapy bed in my beautiful candlelit healing room.  From the moment your eyes are covered with a soothing eye pillow, you will effortlessly drift into a deep meditative state of consciousness at which point I will assess the state of the energy within your 7 energy centres known as “the chakras”.  From here, focusing mainly on the chakras, as well as any injury areas and any other places I feel guided to, I will channel the Reiki healing energy into your body through my hands.  Often, during the healing, I will receive “guidance” pertinent to you, that will be shared at the end of the session.  Reiki is beneficial for men, women and children alike of all ages.  Session is comprised of 60 minutes of Reiki Healing and 30 minutes of discussion.


Initial consultations are for two hours with follow up sessions 90 minutes in duration and always include an energy healing (Reiki) component.  The first session involves gathering a general personal history, details of the presenting problem/issue/challenge and an assessment of your energetic system (the chakras).  After the first session a plan will be prepared for the consultations going forward and small amounts of homework will be given in order to achieve the desired outcome. Generally, between 6 and 10 sessions are advised for optimum results, depending on what is being worked on, although in some circumstances, for minor issues, fewer sessions will suffice.  Holistic Counselling will give you the tools and guidance needed to start the process of your own healing journey.


Readings are for 60 minutes and a combination of Tarot and Angel Cards are used to gain guidance and clarity on any issue/situation you may be facing in your life.  It is beneficial for you to come with an open mind and clear question/s of what you would like to know in order to get the most out of your reading.


Cash, credit, eftpos or debit chip card payable on the day.  


A reminder text confirming your appointment will be sent 24-hours prior.  Please note that 48-hours notice of a cancellation (where possible) is required to avoid being charged for your missed appointment.